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Important News

Your Dental Coverage

There was a misprint on page 19 of the 2015 ‘A Guide to Your Benefits’ that was included in your open enrollment materials, which were mailed to your home last fall. Major restorative care for dental is covered at 50% of R&C (after deductible, if applicable) under both dental options. To see a comparison of your options, click here

Coming Soon

Healthy Snacking

Incorporating snacks in between meals can have positive effects on your overall health...as long as you choose the right ones. Avoid the vending machine and prepare ahead to make sure you're choosing food that will keep you satisfied and ward off cravings. Easy, nutrient-rich snacks include apples, bananas, unsalted nuts, low-fat string cheese, mini peppers or air-popped popcorn. All are easy to prepare and carry on the go! 

Wellness Screenings – Know Your Numbers

An annual wellness screening is an important part of keeping you healthy and well. Wellness screenings can identify potential health problems – before they become significant – and provide a roadmap for your continued good health.

PotashCorp provides all employees and spouses with the opportunity to receive a free wellness screening each year. You can attend a wellness screening at your location or you can request a Test at a Lab through Interactive Health.

After you get your wellness screening, you’ll receive a confidential Personal Health Score. This score measures your current health based on certain criteria. Learn more about your Personal Health Score here. Depending on what plan you’re enrolled in, you may have to maintain or decrease your Personal Health Score to earn discounts on your medical plan premiums in upcoming year.

More information about future wellness discounts and wellness screenings will be coming soon. Watch for information mailed to your home, as well as updates on this website.

If you received a wellness screening in 2013 or 2014, now’s a great time to review your Personal Health Report, your Personal Health Score, and start making suggested changes in your lifestyle to improve your score. If you did not get a wellness screening, take charge of your health and get one in 2015!